Diamond Coach

VIP 2200/2500

The Diamond VIP 2200 / 2500 are the workhorse models of the Diamond fleet offering the perfect combination of size and maneuverability making it an ideal choice for transit agencies, hotel, parking shuttles, churches, assisted living facilities and many more!

  • Capacity
    • Up to 25 passengers
  • Wheelbase Choices
    • 158 / 159”, 176 / 177”
  • Chassis Choices
    • Ford E-350 and E-450 cutaway chassis
    • Chevrolet GMT cutaway chassis
  • Engine Choices
    • Ford 5.4L gasoline engine
    • Ford 6.8L gasoline engine
    • GM 6.0L gasoline engine
  • Standard Equipment Includes:
    • Vacuum-cured honeycomb unibody construction with fiberglass side walls and gelcoat outer layer
    • 36” wide electric entrance door
    • ¾” exterior grade water resistant plywood flooring with sealed edges
    • Fabric interior ceiling
    • LED interior aisle lights
    • LED exterior lights
    • Roof hatch and much, much more!
  • Passenger Seat Choices
    • A variety of seats are available in a wide range of fabrics and styles
  • Popular Options
    • Air Conditioning
    • Wheelchair lift front or rear
    • Automatic tire chains
    • Audio/visual equipment
    • Heated and remote control exterior mirrors
    • Reflective and lighted exterior signs
    • Many more options available

Our primary area of responsibility for this product is the state of Oregon. This vehicle is currently offered on multiple DOT Transit Bus State Contracts. For more information on this or other products we offer and how they can be part of your transportation solution, please contact us at (800) 258-2473.

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