The Champion Challenger is ideal for the transit or retail marketplace featuring high quality construction and unique styling. With the 1 ½” X 1 ½” 16 gauge steel tube body construction its tough enough to stand up to the worst street conditions while providing a comfortable ride for your passengers. The Challenger provides a wide range of floor plans and options to suit any application. Featuring low operation costs and long-run durability, you won’t find another bus that measures up.

  • Capacity
    • Up to 25 passengers
  • Wheelbase Choices
    • 139″, 158/159″, 176″, 184″, or 190″
  • Chassis Choices
    • Ford E-Series cutaway chassis
    • Chevrolet GMT610 cutaway chassis
    • Chevrolet GMT 4500 cutaway chassis
  • Engine Choices
    • Ford 5.4L gasoline engine
    • Ford 6.8L gasoline engine
    • GM 6.6L diesel engine
    • GM 6.0L gasoline engine
  • Passenger Seat Choices
    • A variety of seats are available in a wide range of fabrics and styles
  • Popular Options
    • Air conditioning
    • Wheelchair lift with front or rear lift door
    • Automatic tire chains
    • Audio/visual equipment
    • Panoramic windows
    • Heated and remote control exterior mirrors
    • Reflective & lighted exterior signs
    • Many more options available

Our primary area of responsibility for this product is the state of Oregon. This vehicle is currently offered on the ODOT Transit Bus Contract. For more information on this or other products we offer and how they can be part of your transportation solution, please contact us at (800) 258-2473.

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