Mobile WiFi

Today’s vehicle passengers have come to expect – and appreciate – the ability to stay connected while on the go. Fleets now have the ability to meet these passenger desires by offering mobile wifi in buses, trains, and motorcoaches and a reasonable cost.

Western Bus Sales partners with SinglePoint. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, SinglePoint is North America’s leading distributor of products designed to keep people connected. Their suite of award-winning WiFi In Motion products acts as a bridge between vehicles and high-speed cellular data networks, delivering WiFi access and an Ethernet-based local area network (LAN) for connecting on-board systems.

WiFi In Motion Moovbox

The Wifi In Motion Moovbox is a rugged solution for transforming any mass transit vehicle into a mobile WiFi hotspot. Each of our routers provides consistent, high-speed internet access via cellular networks.

M310 – This ultra-slim LTE-ready single model (dual SIM) features an entry-level price point ideal for situations in which space and budget are a premium. Moovbox M310 Brochure

M340 – This higher-end quad model (8 SIM) is just as slender but designed for the high-end, multi-country market, with advanced load-balancing/failover functionality. Moovbox M340 Brochure

M220 – The award-winning M220 supports 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular wide area networks to provide internet access wherever mobile data coverage is available. Moovbox M220 Brochure

MoovManage Software
MoovManage is a hosted management service that allows you to remotely monitor and configure a network of Moovbox devices, control user access to WiFi services, and receive real-time reporting on device status, performance, usage and location. The service runs on fully-redundant servers within the Icomera data center — you simply pay a low-cost monthly fee for the service and access it securely via a web browser.

For more detailed information on the SinglePoint WiFi in Motion products, browse their website. Then, contact Western Bus Sales today for more information on this exciting and innovative product.