Child Restraints

Western Bus Sales offers a large number of child restraints for use in school buses. These add-on individual restraints offer a cost-saving alternative to integrated child restraints built into school bus seats. Restraints are available for the safety and security of just about any student. Explore our offerings and then contact our Parts Department at (800) 258-2473 to place an order or find out more information.

Safeguard STAR & STAR Plus
Trusted by school districts, head starts, and child care centers alike, this five-point restraint is intuitive, comfortable, and easy to use. The STAR safely secures and adapts to children of a wide range of sizes and needs. The STAR fits children 25 to 65 lbs, up to 57 inches tall, and over 1 year of age. It can fit 3 per 39″ school bus seat. The STAR Plus accommodates children 25 to 90 lbs, up to 57 inches tall. The STAR Plus can fit 2 per 39″ school bus seat.  Both sizes of STAR restraints are in stock today! 


E-Z On Vests
E-Z On provides a wide range of top-of-the-line safety products and accessories for the safe transportation of students. If you are looking for a system which will increase security and safety on the school bus, browse through E-Z-On’s website. They offer both adjustable and non-adjustable vests with zippers or push buttons as well as cam harnesses. Multiple sizes of E-Z on products are in-stock today!



PCR from C.E. White
A new entrant to the marketplace, the Portable Child Restraint (PCR) is easy to install. The five-point harness folds up into a carrying case with adjustable stray for easy transport and storage. The harness provides an adjustable restraint system that allows children from 20 to 90 lbs to sit comfortably and safely. PCRs are in-stock today!



BESI ProTech II & ProTech III
BESI’s ProTech II and Protech III restraints include height adjustment for verifying torso heights, are made with durable fireblock material and memory foam construction, and fit both low back, high back, and seat belt ready seats. The ProTech II fits children 20 to 65 lbs, maximum waist size 22.5″, and maximum torso height 17.5.” The ProTech III  accommodate children 20 to 90 lbs, maximum waist size 30.5″, and maximum torso height 17.5.” BESI ProTech series restraints are available for order today!

Besi Protech